About us!

Rock Road Library

FRRL is a charity whose mission is to share its enthusiasm for nurturing Rock Road Library as a vibrant resource at the heart of our community.

In the past few years, we have been instrumental in securing the library’s future when cost-saving closures were threatened.  We also raise funds to enhance library facilities and organise a variety of events for the community to enjoy.

Established in 2009, FRRL’s initial aim was to create and maintain a community garden and heritage apple orchard.  In 2014, we worked with Cambridge CC and Cambridgeshire Library Services on a first phase of  library refurbishment.  This included creating a community room, new library shelving, relocating the children’s room and installing external doors to provide direct access to the garden which has proved very popular with children and library users of all ages.  Having now achieved charitable status, the Board of Trustees, in consultation with the FRRL members, have agreed a general approach to fulfilling the objectives of the charity:

  1. Supporting and promoting library services

FRRL raises awareness of library services locally through organising and promoting events to encourage new visitors to the Library.  Recognising financial pressures, FRRL raises funds through its activities and grant applications to enhance the library’s building, facilities and services. Trustees liaise with Library Services, responding to consultations and advising on service changes. FRRL representatives attend the annual meeting for groups of library friends in Cambridgeshire. 

  1. Facilitating educational, cultural and community courses, events and exhibitions in both the library and its garden

Educational and cultural activities organised by FRRL cover a range of themes reflecting the interests of the organisers; the Committee reviews the events programme regularly to ensure that it has a broad appeal.  Events appealing to teenagers, young families and the senior library users are particularly encouraged. Volunteers meet regularly to tend the garden, reducing the need for commercial contractors – they aim to be organic and wildlife friendly. A Writer-in-residence scheme promotes an interest in literature.

  1. Fostering links to educational, cultural and community organisations.

The FRRL Committee designates one member to focus on education and school liaison, regular meetings with staff from local nursery, primary and secondary schools are held with a view to organising literacy activities and school visits to the Library.  FRRL also supports other educational, cultural and community organisations; it has strong links to Queen Edith’s Community Forum which promotes FRRL through the Forum’s social media and newsletter.  FRRL also collaborate with other library friends groups, the Rock Allotment Society; Nightingale Park friends and the local Cub Scout group.

Please consider becoming a FRRL – the greater our number, the more persuasive our voice! – ‘Join Us

 ‘Sharing the community’s inheritance …  telling our own story’

(Ian Douglas, our Library Services Manager, 2015)

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