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One of FRRL’s aims is to raise funds to improve and provide additional resources for Rock Road Library.

Community Room:

The Community Room (maximum seating 34) is available to hire for community activities at reasonable rates – Library Services provide a projector which may be borrowed by those hiring the room.

To book the rooms, see the Library Services web-site or E-mail:

FRRL Trustees are consulted about requests to use the room on Sundays, this is to ensure that events are quiet and unlikely to disturb the tranquillity of the neighbourhood.

In 2014, FRRL secured a City Council grant to create a new Library community space by moving the children’s room to the rear of the building where new doors were inserted providing direct access to the garden – project details; in 2016, a further City Council grant was secured to refurbish the kitchen for the use of FRRL and Library Services.

Library Resources provided by FRRL include:

  • Newspapers – Library Services discontinued the provision of newspapers to branch libraries in January 2018.    FRRL fund deliveries of several newspapers.  Please do let us know if you have any comments on the selection of publications – the Trustees aim to please a range of views.
  • Document Scanner (no charge for use)
  • Document Laminator (collect a pouch and pay small cost at counter)
  • FRRL Noticeboards – one kindly sponsored by Balzanos Deli  now replaced by a bespoke noticeboard made by Rowan.
  • Library Signpost from Cherry Hinton Road (following a brief appearance outside the Library entrance – with special thanks to the diligence of FRRL Committee member Katie Knapton!)
  • Rugs and Foam stools, for Children’s Room
  • Exhibition Cases, generously donated by  Conservation by Design in December 2013 two cases enable interesting artefacts to be displayed – we are also grateful to Cambridge University Library’s Jim Bloxham (FRRL and local resident) for making the connection!
  • Garden Benches & Plants
  • Black-out Blinds for the Community Room
  • Library Mugs:  Former FRRL Committee Member, Jo DePledge commissioned two editions of ceramic mugs with our unique logo (designed by FRRL Fiona Allen) and inspirational quote. 
  • Children and Young Adult First World War Book Collection -available to borrow from the children’s library, bought in 2016 at the end of the HLF WWI: Stories from a neighbourhood project.  FRRL First World War Children and Young Adult Book Collection 
  • Toilets an informal group of friends of Rock Road Library organised fund-raising activities in the 1990s to provide toilets for Library users.


FRRL Equipment available to borrow, E-mail rockroadfriends @ (in return for a small donation): 

*electronic keyboard (Yamaha) with speakers

*set of 36 glasses (please  wash glasses before returning and replace any breakages)

*5 Thermos jugs & two 5-litre pump action Airpots – large vacuum flasks which will keep tea or coffee hot for several hours, with a pump

*20 plastic salad bowls with lids

* canteen of ‘retro’ metal school knives & forks (80 settings) 

*floral bunting

*12 green plastic garden chairs and two garden tables

Also available from Friends of Nightingale  Park: Ooni pizza oven and kit; a fire-pit + fire safety kit) that were bought with S106 funds for South Area use (they are in the club hut at Nightingale Park).


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