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FRRL_Newsletter_23 – Summer 2017

Winners of ‘Location as Inspiration’ Writing Competition 2016

FRRL ‘Know Your Place’ Community Quiz, Summer 2016 FRRL ‘Know Your Place’ Quiz Sketches

Building Project:

Rock Road Library is part of the Cambridgeshire Community Hub Programme; this encompasses a  range of activities beyond libraries and fosters partnerships which aim to:

 make savings – via shared services; greater efficiency; providing an income stream
 unblock potential – expanding opening hours; using assets wisely; connecting with other services
 value joined-up working – the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

To support these objectives, FRRL are planning further refurbishment of the building –  to make Rock Road library an exciting and indispensable place within our community.  The following documents below the project’s progress to date:

– January 2017,  opening ceremony for the new community kitchen!

– December 2015, successful application for Section 106 Funding to refurbish the kitchen and open doorways into the Community Room, work began in November 2016: Rock_Road_Library_S106_application_community_facilitiesv2

– July 2015, summary of NRAP feasibility study (18 pages) and FRRL response (23 pages): NRAP_Report_Summary

– June 2015, notes of Energy_Consultant_Meeting_June_15v2

– June 2015, summary of FRRL Committee’s discussions in response to report:  NRAP_Report_Response

– March 2015, Fund-raising Leaflet 2015

– February 2015, NRAP report – it is too large to upload here but please do email FRRL if you would like to arrange to see a copy – rockroadfriends @

– February 2015 NRAP Architect Briefing

– Autumn 2014 Community Survey: library users and residents were asked for their views and opinions Community_Survey_Summary_Report_October_2014


Rock Road Library Usage Survey: We have been working with Cambridgeshire Libraries and the Cambridge Hub to prepare a profile of library users. Read the summary report here: Rock Road Library – did you know


Newsletters: FRRL Committee produce ad hoc newsletters to update FRRL and the community about the group’s activities; please do E-mail rockroadfriends @, if you would like to submit a report or article.  The most recent edition is posted on the FRRL noticeboards outside the library and in the foyer.

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