Board of Trustee Appointment & Roles

All Board Members/Trustees:

Specific Roles


  • Chair Board and Annual General meetings
  • Act as spokesperson/figurehead
  • Act as signatory for FRRL bank account

Special Interest Leads:

For area of interest: Arts & Culture; Building Project; Garden; School Liaison & Education, Forward Look ‘Strategy’:

  • Advise Board on strategy
  • Organise related events and activities
  • Convene and chair meetings – co-opting members and determining frequency (notes to be taken if required by members in alphabetic rotation)
  • Act as communication lead
  • Prepare reports for Board meetings and Newsletter

 Deputy Chair:

  • Deputise for Chair
  • Hold keys to building
  • Act as signatory for FRRL bank account


  • Keep accurate record of accounts
  • Make payments on production of invoices & receipts
  • Liaise with the FRRL bank
  • Ensure sound financial protocols are observed including arranging annual audit
  • Prepare financial report for Board & Annual General meetings
  • File annual accounts with the Charity Commission
  • Hold set of keys (building and display-case copies)
  • Draft reports for Board and AGM and submitting Charity Commission Annual Return
  • Act as signatory for FRRL bank account

 Meeting Secretary:

  • Organise Board meetings (up to six per year) and the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Prepare meetings agendas (with the Chair) and take succinct minutes
  • Circulate minutes to Board members and post on FRRL website and noticeboard

Membership Officer:

  • Maintain database of membership with dates of joining and renewal
  • Collect annual subscriptions (where not paid by direct debit)
  • Respond to enquiries from potential new members
  • Provide reports to Board and AGM

 Publicity, Social Media and Press Liaison Officer (PO):

  • Design posters, fliers and other promotional materials for events
  • Distribute materials to media as appropriate and circulate via FRRL e-mail
  • Update social media (Facebook, Twitter, Website, Blogs) and FRRL noticeboards
  • Prepare press releases about events, activities and developments highlighting photo opportunities and securing permission from participants to use images
  • Compile FRRL Newsletter, writing content, editing, circulating
  • Monitor press for any coverage of FRRL activity to report to Board
Social Media Assistant*: 

Support the Publicity, Social Media and Press Liaison Officer* (PO) by regularly making posts on social media which:

  • promote FRRL activities & events
  • highlight local, national and international news items relating to libraries which will interest, inform and amuse FRRL supporters
*The Social Media Assistant is a  member of FRRL and observes the FRRL constitution and governance guidelines; the role is informal with no fixed tenure which is reviewed annually by the Board.  The Social Media Assistant reports to the PO and Chair and, although not a Trustee, s/he attends meetings of the Board.  Drafts are e-mailed to Trustees prior to posting.
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