Community Room Project

In 2012, FRRL established an Arts Sub-committee which initiated discussion about how to take advantage of the Library’s facilities for supporting the arts and the need for an area which could be used for small group activities and exhibitions was identified.

In May 2013, the Library Services brought together FRRL Committee members with City Council officers to discuss the possibility of converting library space for community use.  Following the meeting, FRRL submitted a successful Section 106 grant application and an on-line planning application for the insertion of doors to provide access from the new children’s room to the garden.

FRRL were delighted when Library Services agreed to match the grant funding provided to enable refurbishment of the interior of the library including a new desk and IT workstations.

Grant Application: Community_Room_Project_Application,_June_13

Planning application:

 Rock Road Library community room budget & final accounts

The City Council grant was awarded in August 2013, planning permission was confirmed in September, however, work did not begin until the Spring of 2014 as a consequence of the long lead-in period for manufacturing the bespoke, double-glazed, metal-framed windows. Work finally began on Tuesday 1 April 2014, with thanks to the Library Service’s excellent project planning, the work was completed on time, and within budget!

The following businesses and services contributed to the project’s successful completion:


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