‘Know Your Place’ Community Trails

Each summer, FRRL plan to devise a trail to exploring the neighbourhood around the Library.

The walks are designed to be fun and informative for the enjoyment of children and adults of all ages at anytime!

2017 ‘Know Your Place’ Trail

The 2017 walk explores the area to the north of the Library, once dominated by the railway industry.  Despite much new building development, there are still precious pockets of nature to discover.

Print a copy of the Map, Quiz and Answer Sheet here:


Quiz Questions_2017


The trail takes you along Hills Road, an ancient Roman route from Colchester to the midlands. This was one of the established routes used in the 17th-century by Thomas Hobson (of Hobson’s choice fame) – he became wealthy hiring out horses and wagons to carry goods and people. Until the mid 19th century, the landscape was dominated by huge, open fields and common land; its character changed significantly with the arrival of the railway in 1845. Trains attracted trade, a cattle market, employment for railway workers and an expanding population. During the 20th century, motor transport and bicycles became increasingly important and horses almost disappeared from the roads. By the 21st century, these changes in transport and the transition of Cambridge into a hi-tech city released much of the commercial land for residential and leisure development as you will observe on the walk.

Who will enjoy the quiz? All age groups should enjoy finding the answers to the questions, however, for this year’s quiz, all children (up to the age of 16) should be accompanied by an adult as there are sums (very simple), streams and some ‘off the beaten track’ paths to explore. We also think that adults will also enjoy taking part and there is an idyllic picnic spot at the mid point!

What do to take: a pencil, a book to lean on for the sketching and a snack or ‘gourmet’ picnic (if you pick up a copy of the entry form in the Library, you will be given a FRRL pencil and a snack bar).

What do you do? Follow the route on the map, look around carefully, answer the 22 questions and complete some sketches. Hand your answer sheet, to the Library Assistant or post it in the Library letterbox.

How long will it take? There is no fixed time to complete the trail – we suggest you allow about 2 hours .

What is the closing date? Friday 1 September 2017.

What does it cost? Entry is free – but FRRL is a charity and donations are always welcome!

What might I win? Some of the sketches will be published on FRRL Website and all entries (correct or not) will be entered in a prize draw to win a £50.00 book token!


2016 ‘Know Your Place’ Trail

The 2016 trail may still be enjoyed, print a copy here: 2016 Know Your Place Trail

Although there are no prizes on offer. Explore the Cherry Hinton Road area, you will find out about the social and architectural history of the area.

Paper copies of the trail may be collected from the Library – some questions are no longer valid as there are no books on display in our sponsor’s windows but you may see them here: 2016_FRRL_Quiz_Books

E-mail FRRL if you would like to be sent the answers.

Winning entry drawings:  FRRL_Know_Your_Place_Quiz Drawings_16

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