Policy & Procedure

Event Organisation Guidelines

Event Promotion: 

FRRL will promote the events by E-mail to Friends, in Posters and in the Newsletter that are organised by: FRRL, other Library-user groups; allied local community organisations, Library Services; those hiring Rock Road Library community room (assuming the event is non-political).

Health & Safety: 

FRRL endeavour to ensure that all activities and events are conducted in a safe and secure manner; parents should supervise children at all times, see Library notice below.

FRRL are covered by CCC public liability insurance for events for which Library Services ‘are satisfied that the friends are fully briefed and trained e.g. if being left to lock up the premises they should be trained in the locking up procedure and alarm setting’.  

The maximum numbers permitted in the building to meet the stipulations of the Fire risk assessment December 2016 (page 23) are:

  • Main Library (all areas) – 60
  • Community Room – 40 (or fewer if exit routes are not clear)

Community Room Hire:

FRRL Trustees are consulted about requests to use the room on Sundays, this is to ensure that events are quiet and unlikely to disturb the tranquillity of the neighbourhood.

Garden Access:

The garden is accessed during normal library opening hours via the side gate or doors from the children’s room.  The back gate is locked at all times when not in use; it iunlocked only for specific purposes e.g. garden maintenance.  A FRRL will supervise the garden while the back gate is open and ensure that it is secured at the end of the activity.

Maintaining garden security is a high priority for FRRL and the Board will support Library Services in improving security measures e.g. sensor lights; CCTV; making the back gate difficult to climb over by raising its height, installing a thorny rose arch etc.


We [Library Services] contact the customer who has reported the incident and ask them for as much information as possible. We ascertain which PC the incident took place at and try and settle on the time of the incident as this allows us to work out who was accessing the inappropriate material. As Area Library Manager I then write  a letter letting them know that this behaviour is unacceptable and attaching the Acceptable Behaviour Policy that appears at the start of all library computer sessions and should act as a deterrent to damaging the machines and looking at inappropriate material, such as pornographic websites.  We generally operate on a 3 strike policy and then impose a library computer ban of 3 months, and we do warn the customer that this is the approach we take as soon as we are informed of the problem.  Should you see anyone looking at material you consider inappropriate please let a member of staff know and they will take appropriate action; please do not approach them yourselves.’  (Margot Eagle Jan. 2018)


FRRL  information and event posters are displayed on the:

  • exterior FRRL  notice board
  • exterior railings
  • interior FRRL noticeboard

The FRRL have agreed with Library Services that posters on the railings which do not promote events in the library, or local events organised by community groups will be removed.

All Trustees may update the noticeboards periodically as required.

Trustee Appointments & Induction:

When a role becomes vacant (or a new role is created) the Board reviews the duties of the role and agrees any changes.

  • The role is advertised in the FRRL Newsletter and Social Media
  • Applicants submit a CV for consideration.
  • Applicants whose CVs satisfy the personal specification are interviewed by two or more Trustees to determine which applicant to recommend for the role.
  • Selected Applicant attends a Board meeting to learn more about the role and to determine whether s/he would still like to be considered.
  • At the end of the meeting, Applicant leaves and Trustees decided whether to appoint.
  • An induction session with Board members and Chair, including a tour of the Library, is organised as soon as possible after appointment (this is also offered to new Library Assistants).

Data ProtectionFRRL Data Privacy Policy

Photographs of children are only taken and published with the permission of parents as set out in the Library Services notice:







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