FRRL First World War Children and Young Adult Book Collection

Books for children and young adults, purchased by the HLF-funded WWI Stories from a Neighbourhood project available to borrow from the children’s library.

Barroux: Line of Fire
Breslin, Theresa: Remembrance
Bradman, Tony & Tom: My Brother’s Keeper
Duffy, Carol-Anne: The Christmas Truce
Eldridge, Jim: The Trenches: a First World War Soldier

Farmer, Penelope: Charlotte Sometimes
Foremam, Michael:

The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha

War Game: Village Green to No-Man’s-Land

Greenwood, Mark: Simpson and his Donkey

Hope, Thomas Suthren: The Winding Road Unfolds

House, Rowena: War Girls (short stories)
Manning, Mick: Charlie’s War

Morpurgo, Michael:

War Horse
Farm Boy (War Horse sequel)

Private Peaceful
The Best Christmas Present in the World

Newbery, Linda: The Shell House Tilly’s Promise

Palmer, Tom: Over the Line

Robinson, Hilary & Impey, Martin:

Where the Poppies Now Grow

The Christmas Truce

Flo of the Somme

Sedgwick, Marcus: The Foreshadowing

Slane, Chris & Elliott, Mark: Nice day for a War

Stanley, Peter: Simpson’s Donkey
Williams, Marcia: Archie’s War

January 2017

RL First World War Children and Young Adult Book Collection

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