Logo designed by FRRL, Fiona Allen

In April 2016, the Charity Commission confirmed that  FRIENDS OF ROCK ROAD LIBRARY had been entered onto the Register of Charities, Registered Charity Number 1166498 –  see Register of Charities and Registration Certificate.

FRRL Constitution, Full Version, 11 April 2016 ; FRRL Constitution Key Points 22 August 2016

The ‘object’ of the FRRL as set out in its constitution is: ‘the advancement of education for the public benefit in the area served by Rock Road Library, in particular but not exclusively by (1) supporting and promoting library services; (2) facilitating educational, cultural and community courses, events and exhibitions in both the library and its garden; (3) fostering links to educational, cultural and community organisations.

The FRRL Board of Trustees, in consultation with the FRRL members, have agreed a general approach to fulfilling these ‘objects’:

  1. Supporting and promoting library services

FRRL raises awareness of library services locally through organising and promoting events to encourage new visitors to the Library.  Recognising financial pressures, FRRL raises funds through its activities and grant applications to enhance the library’s building, facilities and services. Trustees liaise with Library Services, responding to consultations and advising on service changes. FRRL representatives attend the annual meeting for groups of library friends in Cambridgeshire.

  1. Facilitating educational, cultural and community courses, events and exhibitions in both the library and its garden

Educational and cultural activities organised by FRRL cover a range of themes reflecting the interests of the organisers; the Committee reviews the events programme regularly to ensure that it has a broad appeal.  Events appealing to teenagers, young families and the senior library users are particularly encouraged. Volunteers meet regularly to tend the garden, reducing the need for commercial contractors – they aim to be organic and wildlife friendly. A Writer-in-residence scheme promotes an interest in literature.

  1. Fostering links to educational, cultural and community organisations.

The FRRL Committee designates one member to focus on education and school liaison, regular meetings with staff from local nursery, primary and secondary schools are held with a view to organising literacy activities and school visits to the Library.  FRRL also supports other educational, cultural and community organisations; it has strong links to Queen Edith’s Community Forum which promotes FRRL through the Forum’s social media and newsletter.  FRRL also collaborate with other library friends groups, the Rock Allotment Society;  St John’s Church groups, Nightingale Park friends and the local Cub Scout group.

The Trustee Board has also identified specific objectives and actions  for three years ahead; these are reviewed annually at the FRRL AGM. FRRL_Draft_Forward_Look_Action_Plan

The FRRL Board of Trustees has agreed, and regularly reviews, policies and procedures.

The FRRL Annual General Meeting is held annually in the Library Community Room  – the 2020 meeting will was deferred due to the Covid pandemic.

Trustees / Board Members: Board Roles/Special Interests: Trustee From:
Axe, Peter Governance Advisor/ Apple Day / Deputy Chair 25 January 2017
Berry, James Treasurer / Buildings Project Lead 13 April 2016 – Treasurer from 2011
Blackmore, Nigel Membership 25 January 2017
Boyd, Stephanie School Liaison & Education Lead 13 April 2016
Chamberlain, Peter Fund-raising, Collection Boxes  7 December 2018
Cross, Iain 22 February 2021
Dyson, Tom* Chair / Garden Lead (with gardening volunteers) 13 April 2016 – Chair from 2017
Mullins, Sarah (replacing da Silva, Oakes, Eagle, Douglas) Area Library Services Manager not eligible
Vacancy Publicity, Social Media and Press Liaison Officer/Lego MN/SP
Purkiss, Brenda* Arts & Culture Lead/Web-site 13 April 2016  – Chair 2012-2017
Trend, Jill Meeting Secretary 25 January 2017
 *Holds set of Library keys 

New members are always very welcome, if you are interested, please e-mail rockroadfriends @  – meetings are relaxed and sociable!

The Library Campaign (National Library Friends Group Organisation):


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